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Rules & Regulations

Mt.Calvary Cemetery Rules & RegulationsIn order to facilitate ease of maintenance and preserve an orderly and neat appearance of the Mount Calvary Cemetery-Bryan, Mount Calvary Cemetery-Smetana and Monsignor Gleissner Memorial Mausoleums (hereinafter referred to as the “Cemetery Properties”), the following regulations have been adopted by the Board of Directors.

1. No copings (curbs), plantings, outlining walks of concrete, benches or any other type of structure are permitted.  Other items not permitted include but are not limited to borders of any material, rocks, paving stones and benches.  No ground mausoleums, ledgers or cradles may be erected.

2. A marble or granite headstone or shutter engraving is required within one (1) year of date of burial. The name, date of birth and date of death should be inscribed on the headstone or on the mausoleum shutter. All statues, replicas and/or pictures should be of a religious nature and permanently attached to and a part of the original monument.  No items may be hand pasted or glued to the monument. No secular representations are permitted. Temporary markers furnished by the funeral home are not considered permanent markers and shall be removed after erection of a permanent marker.  Any type of headstone, footstone or monument of any kind and its location must be pre-approved by the Cemetery Board or its representative.

3. No homemade markers are allowed, including but not limited to crosses, statues, and concrete, metal or wooden markers of any description. No items that are not a part of the permanent monument (such as granite vases, porcelain pictures, and granite statues) are allowed. Other items not allowed include but are not limited to candles, decorations, trinkets, mementos, flower stands, plant hangers, wind chimes, banners, flags, balloons, bird houses, bird baths, fountains, bottles, breakable items and containers, Styrofoam, paper, ribbons, and tree decorations. Any loose items will be removed. Items are not stored.

4. One flower arrangement may be placed at the head of the grave.  Artificial flowers are permitted, but the Cemetery Board or its representatives shall have the right to remove them when they become unsightly, not properly secured, or an obstruction to maintenance. Containers allowed are sturdy, non-breakable containers or properly installed PVC pipes.  If the headstone is constructed with its own vase or vases, it is requested that those vases be used instead of an additional flower arrangement. Seasonal flowers will be removed within two weeks from date of holiday, and flowers from a new gravesite will be removed within one week from date of burial. American flags properly placed on gravesites for commemoration of National holidays will be removed within two weeks from date of holiday.

5. No candles of any type may be placed on cemetery property.  Any existing “grandfathered” candles in UL approved containers must be properly maintained and anchored.  Those that become broken or are not maintained will be removed.

6. All graves must be maintained flush with the top of the ground for mowing purposes. The lot owners, contracted lawn company, and volunteers may fill in new and sunken graves as needed.  The owner/family may plant grass at ground level only. The mowing company will maintain the grass at the same height for the entire cemetery.  No water hoses may be left at the cemetery, or they will be removed.

7. The Cemetery Board will have control of all landscaping, plantings, and/or removal of any plants, bushes, shrubs or trees.  No plantings or flower beds of any kind will be allowed.  Memorial trees may be planted after a permanent headstone has been erected, but tree type and placement must be pre-approved by the Cemetery Board or its representative, as well as any memorial tree plaque.

8. Cemetery Perpetual Care does not include the purchase, erection, repair or replacement of monuments, headstones, markers or any other item on cemetery properties.  The Cemetery Board and their representatives are not responsible for vandalism or theft.

9. Cemetery and City trash containers on Cemetery Properties are for Cemetery use only—not personal use.  Any individual found using these containers for personal use will be liable for prosecution.

10. Major violations, such as erection of benches, permanent curbings or borders, or raised lots, which are not removed by the record owner, his heir(s) or authorized representative(s) when duly notified by the Cemetery Office will be corrected by the Cemetery Board or its representatives at record owner’s expense, and the expense will be added to the next cemetery transaction requested by record owner, his heir(s) or authorized representative(s).

11. Before a grave or crypt is opened or before the erection of a monument, it is the responsibility of the owner, funeral home, gravedigger or monument company to notify the Cemetery Office.  All funeral homes, gravediggers, monument companies, and/or persons purchasing rights of burial in any of the Cemetery Properties shall be given a copy of these Regulations and any amendments.

12. An outer concrete, metal or equivalent container is required for all ground casket interments.  No wooden vaults are allowed. An outer container is also required for a cremation burial when it will be stacked with a casket burial on top of the cremation burial.

13. Fees may be set and collected by the Cemetery Board as deemed necessary.

14. The Cemetery is open at sunrise and is closed at sunset daily.  Unauthorized persons will be prosecuted.  No loitering, playing, picnicking, littering, drinking, smoking, playing of music, parking, climbing fences, or any other activities not conducive to Catholic Cemetery Properties will be allowed.  The Cemetery Properties are sacred places, consecrated as holy resting grounds so that visitation by others for prayer and sacramentals may be accomplished in an appropriate manner.

15. The Cemetery Board or its representatives shall have the right to remove anything and everything that may have been erected or placed on Cemetery Properties that is contrary to these Cemetery Regulations.

Last Revision 7/23/2009 Board Meeting

Mt.Calvary Cemetery
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